Characters & Locations

The Boat Nice Catch
Main Characters and locations:  Matt Flannery  who owns the boat and lives on Anna Maria Island, FL.  Ex Navy Intelligence, currently a charter boat captain, and loyal  to a fault.  Ordinary man who is thrust into extraordinary circumstances.
Kelli:  Matt’s girlfriend, expert diver and owner of her own dive business in Siesta Key, smart and kindhearted.
Jake:  Owns Jake’s Marina on Anna Maria where Matt keeps his boat and is a close friend to Matt.  Unknown to Matt, Jake is ex-CIA Black Ops which plays deeply into the survival of this group.
Lucien:  A vagabond who lives on his 40′ sailboat the Windchaser and who is also being dragged into this story along with Matt.  He’s a little flighty and unfocused at times, but integral to the story.
Ghost:  Jake’s ex-CIA Black Ops buddy who Jake calls in to help.
Atlantis:  The continent is surrounded by water like Australia, highly advanced technologically (which became their undoing), beautiful, futuristic cities.
Coast Guard Station Key West:  Matt’s brother in law is the base commander and is one of the locations for the book.
No Name Harbor in Key Biscayne FL is another setting where action occurs.
Kennedy Space Center:  Matt’s father is one of the NASA directors there.
U S Navy:  Predator Drones are used to save Matt’s boat and friends at one point.
Jordan Dominion:  Wealthy and Powerful international industrialist who is in pursuit of Matt and his friends to possess the Atlantis Codes and the technology they contain.
Alicetown, North Bimini Island, Bahamas and Cayce Point on North Bimini.  Key final showdown and discovery points at the end of the book.  Cliffhanger.