Who is this mountain of a man? Why is he here?
What does he want? And…why me?

The Atlantis Codes

Book 1
The Atlantis Legacy Series

Trouble is coming…coming by land…coming by sea. Coming for you…and coming for me.

What would you do if you had just prepared a perfect margarita and turned to leave your kitchen only to find a menacing assassin blocking the doorway and his stated intent was to kill you right now?

This is the situation Matt Flannery is confronted with on an otherwise typical Saturday afternoon at his bungalow on Anna Maria Island, Florida.

Who is this mountain of a man?  Why is he here?  What does he want?  And…why me?

This day and this incident begin an unexpected, epic journey for Matt that will not only change his life, but the lives of his friends, family, and possibly…all that live on Planet Earth. 

This journey of discovery will take Matt to many destinations in search of answers to his questions.  Questions raised many years earlier by his explorer grandfather, James “Irish” Flannery, who Matt idolized.  Sailing aboard his beloved charter fishing vessel, the Nice Catch, Matt sets out with his girlfriend Kelli, fellow seeker Lucien, and close friend Jake in search of solutions to the perplexing problems and fresh dangers that continually present themselves.  The action moves in a frantic and tightening spiral that always threatens to be the undoing of our intrepid crew.

Come meet the ever-evolving cast of characters who play a part in this thrilling story and discover, along with Matt, what the real story behind the story is.

Are you ready to board the Nice Catch and take part in this stirring saga?  Just keep telling yourself that “it is only a story…isn’t it?”

What am I guilty of?  I helped a friend stay alive.  That’s all.  So much for “serving a grateful nation.

Critical Mass

Book 2
The Atlantis Legacy Series

The world is at a crossroads of discovery that will rewrite history and change the balance of power on Earth.  Destruction or the betterment of mankind is at hand.

The fate of the planet rests in the hands of Matt Hamilton and his girlfriend Kelli, as well as two ex-CIA black ops veterans, Jake and Ghost.  The artifacts they recovered on the Island of North Bimini Island, Bahamas, contains the secrets of the ancient lost continent of Atlantis, including their advanced technology. 

Trying to retain control of this incredible knowledge, Matt and his friends are being pursued by a ruthless billionaire industrialist, the CIA, terrorists, and a mysterious Brotherhood of Atlantis…all intent on taking the relics for their own selfish purposes.

Follow this heart-pounding adventure that began in The Atlantis Codes Book 1 and continues in Critical Mass Book 2 of The Atlantis Legacy Series.  Questions will be answered with new ones arising in their place.

Who can Matt turn to at this historic moment?  Will unexpected allies come to his aid?  Can he possibly protect Atlantis’ most powerful secrets against impossible odds?

Strap in and get ready for this electrifying roller-coaster ride Critical Mass!  Is it really fiction…?

Who can Matt turn to at this historic moment? 
 Will unexpected allies come to his aid?
Author Larry Hamilton Critical Mass and The Atlantis Codes