Who ARE WE? Where did we come from? are we alone in the universe?

The covenant

Book 3
The Atlantis Legacy Series

Join us on the third leg of the Atlantis Legacy Adventure and discover the long-hidden secrets of mankind.  Who are we?   Where did we come from?  Are we alone in the universe? 

In The Covenant, Matthew Flannery and his companions race toward the fateful ending of their long journey to truth.  Will they be able to hang onto the world-changing knowledge they have fought valiantly to preserve and protect?  With nowhere left to hide, will the CIA finally catch up to them?  Who can they turn to in their darkest hour?  

The story widens and deepens, revealing unexpected truths about the origins and destiny of humankind.  Matt and his friends will play major roles in the unveiling of the rest of mankind’s story.  

It is an unprecedented time and ordinary people will be caught up in extraordinary situations.  Disclosure is at hand…prepare yourself.  

Author Larry Hamilton Critical Mass and The Atlantis Codes